Kita Butuh Islam Ramah Bukan Islam Marah (We need friendly Islam not angry Islam) -President KH Abdurrahman Wahid    It isn't easy erasing teaching that have already penetrated deeply. -Former Indonesian First Lady Sinta Nuriyah Wahid    They have to be confronted. If they aren't, they will take heart and become even bolder. -Former Indonesian First Lady Sinta Nuriyah Wahid    Making money is happiness, and that's a great incentive. Making other people happy is a super-happiness. -Muhammad Yunus, Noble Peace Prize laureate 2006    We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced -Malala Yousafzai Author, Female Activist and Nobel Prize laureate    Mothers are our first schools. They teach us the meaning of love, peace and compassion. It can therefore be said, I believe, that women are the true protagonists and teachers of civilization -Former Indonesian First Lady Sinta Nuriyah Wahid

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